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W&G is a trusted contractor in the water, waste water and energy sectors. For over a decade, W&G has collaborated with both the public and private sector, including major government agencies, on large-scale infrastructure projects throughout Thailand.

Self-priming Centrifugal Pumps (Single-stage, Single-flow Open Propeller)

Design: Single-stage, single-flow centrifugal pumps with integrated water ring vacuum pump
Media: Water, viscous media (e.g. sugar concentration of up to 70%), and media containing solids (e.g. for pulp, paper, or waste water applications)
Special benefits: Self-priming; the integrated vacuum pump prevents air from gathering in front of the impeller and the centrifugal pump can therefore operate well even in the presence of high gas content; high-viscosity media can also be pumped
Materials: Cast iron, stainless steel
Shaft seal: Mechanical seal
Impeller design: Semi-open impeller
Applications: Water and waste water, pulp and paper, sugar, other industries

DN:  80 to 250
Q:  up to 2,000 m3/h
H:  up to 75