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W&G is a trusted contractor in the water, waste water and energy sectors. For over a decade, W&G has collaborated with both the public and private sector, including major government agencies, on large-scale infrastructure projects throughout Thailand.
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Flygt Propeller
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Submersible Propeller Pumps by Flygt (Mixed Flow, Axial Flow)

Flygt propeller pumps are designed to transport large volumes of water at low heads. The slim profile of these pumps provides a considerably smaller pump station footprint than that of non-submersible pumps. Count on Flygt submersible propeller pumps from Xylem for compact, low-cost pumping stations that do not require any superstructure.

Quick, low-cost installation

Only a few minutes are required to install or remove Flygt propeller pumps from the pump station. No fastening bolts are required. These smart economic alternatives operate submerged in the pumped liquid. That makes them less complex to install and enables the motors to run cooler and more quietly than non-submersible propeller pumps.

Robust and reliable

Every Flygt propeller pump is tested in the factory to ensure high performance and premium quality. Like all Flygt products, Flygt propeller pumps deliver solid cost-effective performance that has been proven for more than 40 years in applications such as:
• Storm water
• WWTP Effluent
• Water intakes
• Flood control
• Amusement park attractions
• Surf riders