Wiroon & Gwyness

W&G is a trusted contractor in the water, waste water and energy sectors. For over a decade, W&G has collaborated with both the public and private sector, including major government agencies, on large-scale infrastructure projects throughout Thailand.

Our Team

The W&G team is made up of professionals who have gained considerable experience in successful operations and projects strongly oriented towards product quality, excellent productivity and efficiency.

Message from our Chairman

Water has played a vital role in mankind’s history since ancient times. These days, floods attack the living like never before. Water shortages become worse all over the world. Thailand is not an exception. We are facing both legs of the crisis. Too much water at one time; too little at other times. However, humans were created to prevail.

At W&G, we pride ourselves on being the “Water Solution Company with Great Engineering Knowledge”. Our philosophy is to control water with optimal usage of energy. We see water control as the big picture. There are always many solutions for any given application. Only profound knowledge and experience can identify the optimum solution.

We cooperate closely with clients from design to execution. Our designers and engineers are results-oriented. We not only implement, but also invent. These are exciting times for W&G. We are focused on accelerating “execution with knowledge” to bring positive change to the communities in which we work and live.

Our Management

Sawing Kasuwan
Chairman and President
Jirawich Kasuwan
Managing Director
Aomchan Tupchoo
Executive Secretary
Kittiporn Sornsakda
Engineering Manager
Chawalit Intabin
Production Manager